1 week in Fonroque, South of France

The jet lag is real! It’s 3.30am and we’re wide awake so decided to make a start on our blog!

We kick started our sabbatical last week with a family holiday in the south of France. Patisseries, vin and sunshine. What better way to prepare for a backpacking trip?!

We spent the week in Fonroque, a small village 20km south of Bergerac. Fonroque is fairly quiet village, surrounded by fields of vineyards. There are a couple of shops and one incredible boulangerie. Hands down the best pain au chocolate I have ever tasted! There is a bustling market in the nearby village of Issigeac every Sunday morning selling lots of fresh produce and it’s a great place to sit with a coffee and people watch. One of our favourite things to do!


The weekend before flying out to France we ran the Burnham Beeches half marathon. In an attempt to continue our running (and work off all the croissants!) we went for an early morning jog to catch the sunrise. It was surprisingly warm at 7.30am and so peaceful. We didn’t see anyone the entire hour we were out!


We took a morning to explore the local area by bike, cycling a 40km round trip through lots of villages and hamlets between Fonroque and Monbazillac. An awesome cycle ride albeit a fairly hilly one, we spent the entire route over taking each other. Sam, who is almost double my weight, whizzed past me on all the downhills but I thoroughly enjoyed overtaking on the up hills!

During the cycle we managed to find the only field still crammed full of sunflowers! Up until that point all the fields we passed which were usually filled with sunflowers had wilted. The excitement of this discovery led to a gazillion pictures being taken! Here are our faves:

Most shops and cafes in the region close between 12-2pm. We only realised this after turning up in Monbazillac very sweaty in need of something to cool us down. Luckily for us (but unluckily for them) there was one place still open. A very posh wine bar. Definitely not looking the part we just ordered ice cream, although if it hadn’t have been for that wine bar we never would have tried the regions speciality sorbet, also named Monbazillac. It basically tastes of frozen white wine. It was very refreshing and did the job of cooling us down ready to hit the road for the cycle home.

The Dordogne is a great place for kayaking or canoeing. We hired kayaks on our last full day and kayaked down the Dore, stopping halfway to take a dip in the river.

It would get really hot around 2pm most days and on a few days hit the mid 30’s. Pisbee aka Piscine Frisbee was in full action. It’s a game that was invented a few years ago last time we were on holiday in France. In short, it involves two teams (four players) and the aim of the game is to hit the back wall of the swimming pool with the frisbee. The first team to three points wins! It gets pretty intense (and did result in a bruised head!) but it’s lots of fun! Check out our Instagram: @eatsleeptravel.repeat for the video!

Most evenings were spent with Sam’s family in the Gite, taking in turns to cook dinner and enjoying many many bottles of French wine! Surprisingly I didn’t get a hangover… the wine must be good!

We’re now in Tokyo about to start our new exciting adventure and we can’t wait.


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