East Coast of Australia: Christmas Day in Byron Bay

It was our first Christmas away from our families and our first Christmas together! We arrived in Byron Bay the evening of Christmas Eve and went down to the local pub for dinner and drinks. There was a nice atmosphere, a band were playing and people were dancing.

It was strange to think that Christmas was the next day, it definitely didn’t feel very festive. Whilst we’ve been travelling through Australia we haven’t seen many Christmas decorations. The house we were staying in didn’t even have a Christmas tree! There seemed to be a lack of the Christmas build up we get back at home.

We woke up early the following morning and opened the presents my sister had given us from my mum, when she came to meet us in Indonesia.

Christmas present from my mum

Christmas socks!! I was so happy. Everyone needs a pair of Christmas socks on Christmas Day. I put them on and gave a little dance whilst Michael Bublé’s Christmas album was playing in the background.

Sam’s usual Christmas breakfast involves Buck’s Fizz and pastries, so to ensure he didn’t break tradition we had bought supplies the day before. We cracked open the bottle and ate yummy pastries all morning.

Christmas Day breakfast

We decided as we weren’t having a ‘normal’ Christmas we would do the Aussie style and have a BBQ. The weather was looking great for it until 10am when the dark clouds started to creep over Byron Bay and by 10.30 it was raining.

Nooooo! Christmas Day BBQ was ruined.

We hung around the house for an hour and then popped into town to see what was going on. A few cafes were open so we went in for a drink. The weather started to cheer up around 3pm so we grabbed our food and headed out in search of a BBQ.

I love Australia for the BBQs. They’re found in most public parks and the actual BBQs are really good. They’re free and run on gas so heat up pretty quickly.

We arrived at the BBQ to find a huge group of Dutch backpackers eating and drinking. We joined in, adding our food to the BBQ and grabbing a beer. It was a really nice atmosphere, music was playing and everyone was pretty jolly.

Christmas Day BBQ

At home we always go for a walk on Christmas Day evening to look at all the Christmas lights so Sam and I did exactly the same. We only found one house in the whole of Byron Bay which had Christmas lights. It was covered, making up for all the other houses without any!


Even though it was a different Christmas we still had fun, although definately missed the festive vibe we have back at home. Australians definately don’t do Christmas like the Europeans – we 100% do it better!!


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