East Coast of Australia: Port MacQuarie

After the excitement of our dives we drove an hour down the coast and spent two chilled nights in the large tourist town of Port Macquarie. The town is ok, but it’s the beaches and surroundings that’s worth visiting Port Mac for.

There is a short walk up to Tacking Point lighthouse for views over Lighthouse Beach.

Lighthouse Beach, as seen from Tacking Point Lighthouse

Whales migrate past Port Macquarie during early winter and summer. The lighthouse is a great place to spot them from.

Flynns Beach is a lovely beach, with good waves for surfing and it also has lots of shady spots.

Flynns Beach

We also enjoyed spending time on Shelly Beach. It’s just around the headland from Flynns beach and has a semi-protected rock pool. We made great use of the free barbeque facilities, making sure we stopped by Coles in the town centre on the way to the beach to stock up on food.

Town Beach is the most central beach in Port Macquarie. There were some BBQ facilities on the grass areas above the beach which we used in the evenings as it was only a short walk from where we were staying.

BBQ time near Town Beach

There are lots of decorated rocks along the path from the town to Town Beach creating a wall between the footpath and the harbour. Fishermen line up along the wall during the evenings with their fishing rods.

Silhouette of the fishermen against the sunset

On our last day we found a lovely teahouse called Tea and Treasures. It was so quaint and they had a veranda outside where we enjoyed tea and cake!

Enjoying a cup of tea at Tea and Treasures

After a couple of days relaxing in the sunshine we felt well rested and ready to spend the next few days hiking in the Blue Mountains.


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