East Coast of Australia: Hiking & Camping in the Blue Mountains

The drive from Port Macquarie to Leura took most of the day and meant we arrived early evening. We were greeted by our Air BnB host Brad and he showed us around the most awesome camping ground, where we would be spending our next few days.

Camping in the Blue Mountains

Brad had such a great setup. The tent had air beds for starters which made for a comfortable sleep, there was a camping stove, a fire pit and all the cooking equipment we could possibly need. He even provided mosquito spray! We were also given access to the main house which was great for hot showers and charging our phones.

The Blue Mountains National Park

The Blue Mountains has so many great hiking trails, some which are over 100 years old! The older trails were constructed by local communities who were competing with each other for the most spectacular trail, to increase tourism into their villages. During our visit we followed the National Pass and the Prince Henry Cliff Walk.

National Pass

The National Pass was designed by Captain James Murray. He was lowered over the edge of the cliff on a flimsy canvas seat on ropes in order to work out a possible hiking route! His courageous efforts were well worth it. We really enjoyed this route as it passed by many waterfalls on the way down to the base.


Prince Henry Cliff Walk

The trail for the Prince Henry Cliff Walk runs between Leura and Katoomba, passing by many beautiful view points, on route to the main attraction – the Three Sisters. This famous rock formation towers above the Jamison Valley.

The three sisters: Meehni, Wimlah & Gunnedoo

The three sisters are named: Meehni (922 m), Wimlah (918 m), and Gunnedoo (906 m). The lighter coloured orange/yellow sections indicate fresh rock, exposed by recent erosion.

As well as following the hiking trails we also drove to a few view points, where we were able to take a short walk down to others.

Govetts Leap Lookout & Evans Lookout

Both lookouts are located in Blackheath and provide fantastic views over the Grose Valley. There are a number of walking tracks around the edge, varying in distances offering different views of the valley and passing by more beautiful waterfalls.


Sunset Rock Lookout

We wanted to find somewhere to watch the sunset and used our offline maps to search for the best location. We found somewhere and followed the map until we ended up in the middle of nowhere. We parked the car up on the side of the road and followed the small trail which brought us to the most amazing place.

The flat rocks were perfect for sitting on and looking out across the Jamison Valley. We could see for miles and it was possible to make out the three sisters in the distance.

There were two locals already there when we arrived and they were surprised to see us. Apparently not many people know about this spot and they were curious as to how we had found it. We ended up chatting for a few hours and they gave us suggestions of other places we could visit.

We waited until sunset before leaving. The sky was quite cloudy but it still looked pretty cool!


Towns in the Blue Mountains

There are some really cute towns in the Blue Mountains and enjoyed looking around the shops and eating food in the local cafes. We had based ourselves in Leura which was quite big and had some lovely cafes.

I loved Blackheath and there were a few shops and some cafes. By luck we came across a second hand book shop in the village. We had finished reading our books so we were able to buy some new ones at a good price.

We could have easily spent a week exploring the Blue Mountains. There are so many more things to do, not just hiking.

Unfortunately it was time to leave and pack our bags, ready to bring in the New Year in Sydney!


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