East Coast of Australia: Exploring Sydney

After all the excitement of the fireworks Sydney felt a little quiet whilst we walked around a few days later. The weather wasn’t the best during our stay but in a way we were glad we had the grey clouds and rain whilst we were in the city and not whilst we were on a beach!

We walked around the botanical gardens, which were quite big. There were some interesting plants, some we noticed from our trips around Asia. As we left the Botanical Gardens we came out onto the harbour, opposite the Sydney Opera House.

Sydney Opera House

There were trees nearby full of parrots munching on the fruits. They were so noisy!

We followed the path around leading towards the Opera House where we found lots of people! It was buzzing compared to the rest of Sydney!

Standing between the Harbour Bridge & Opera House
Sydney skyscrapers

Even though it wasn’t the weather for sunbathing we couldn’t go all the way to Sydney and not visit the famous Bondi Beach! When we arrived we were surprised to see how many people were on the beach. Way too cold for us so we sat in a cafe warming ourselves up with a coffee.

We spent our last day in North Cronulla, a smaller town outside of central Sydney. The sun finally made an appearance and we were able to enjoy our final day on the beach.

North Cronulla beach

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